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January 2023

4 January 2023
Quite a few things have happened since I have last written a blog, Graduating with a bachelors degree in Primary Education, Running our first holiday camps, partnering with a private resort, completing multiple courses and to have worked with plenty of players since (2022 was a busy year!).   The kick to get writing these again was from me teaching...
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February 2021

26 February 2021
During this month, I have been focusing on planning fun and challenging football sessions. I have also been attending courses to help best prepare me for when football coaching returns. This particular lockdown has been a lot harder than the others and has made me really focus on developing mindsets and how to actively improve yourself. From this recognition, I...
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January 2021 Blog

16 January 2021
The year has started with another lockdown in the country, despite the frustration of having to stop again, the reasons are understandable. It is important for us to learn from last lockdown learnings, I was guilty of not using the time effectively to develop my coaching and fitness. That’s why this lockdown I have set targets for activity levels and...
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