Meet the team

Rich Cullimore

I am a professionally qualified coach with experience in grassroots, development and academy level football. My focus is on the development of the player across all 4 corners.

My goal is to help players reach their potential whilst fulfilling enjoyment from the game. Ultimately the players keep playing.

  • UEFA Qualified coach
  • Primary Education ITE BA(Hons)
  • Psychological focus

Growing up I played at a variety of levels where I also attended various trials, the experience was fantastic but unfortunately I never received feedback on how to improve my game, this become very frustrating as I didn’t know where to improve. After many trials I grew frustrated with my treatment and lost confidence in myself, because of this I unfortunately ended up leaving football.

After years away from the game I luckily rekindled my love of the game coaching youth football, where I started at a fantastic grassroots club allowing opportunity for all players and giving the coaches opportunity to advance, I still have a strong connection with this club. Since then I have worked with development and professional clubs. Within these clubs I have worked with a variety of age ranges and abilities, regardless the stature of the club, my priority has been to focus on the psychological aspect of each player.

Will Dunn

I am an elite-level football coach who is on a mission to change the way that young football players train and develop globally.

My goal is to stop the waste of talent which happens every year when players are rejected by football academies around the world, or who stop playing the game because they think they will never be good enough.

  • Won multiple Golden Boots Awards
  • Played at semi-professional level
  • Won player of the season

Growing up, I was a talented footballer and played at school and college level. However, I suffered rejection at an early age. Technically gifted but small physically, I constantly received the same feedback that I was not big enough or strong enough to play at a high level.

Despite this, I persevered and have since gone on to win multiple Golden Boots and Player Of The Season awards for my club competitively, playing at a semi-professional level in England. I would not have achieved this if I had not drastically changed my physical and technical training, as well as my mindset.

However, the coaching issues I experienced in my early playing career made me wonder just how many other young players there are out there who are in exactly the same position.

Amy Bains

I am an FA Qualified Coach that works with all aspects of football including; Goalkeeping, Futsal, Personal Trainer and gym instructor. I am an academy coach and have worked closely within the Chelsea Foundation.

I will be focusing on helping players individually to develop their game to the next level with their technical ability with ball mastery- lots of touches on the ball, skills, turns and when and where we can use these on the pitch for the bigger picture. As well as gaining knowledge and thoughts when off the ball to be the next step ahead of the game. In addition, i work on the elements of sport psychology and the physical side of the game.

  • Professionally qualified coach
  • Grassroots, development and academy level
  • Psychological focus

Part of my development was also with Chelsea in the academy 16-18 and reserves and got told I was technically a first team player but lacked physical. I didn’t suit first team level in the WSL 1. I trialled all over and kept getting the same feedback; Reading, Liverpool, Oxford. Tottenham and Watford both have the same feedback offered me a place in their reserve squads. I went to Fulham Ladies FC, I was performing well each week in training and in matches and was back to scoring goals consistently.