January 2021 Blog

16 January 2021

The year has started with another lockdown in the country, despite the frustration of having to stop again, the reasons are understandable. It is important for us to learn from last lockdown learnings, I was guilty of not using the time effectively to develop my coaching and fitness. That’s why this lockdown I have set targets for activity levels and I am enrolling in multiple online learning subjects to help up skill my current abilities. As I am in my final year of university, studying primary education, I have recently completed my dissertation, this was about the connections between PE and mental health in children, something I believe has a strong partnership, once university is completed, I aim to release this on the website for people interested to see.


With this being the 1st month of the year, I have listed many targets I aim to achieve this year, I strongly recommend doing this to help keep focus, it is important to revisit these targets and evaluate how they are going throughout the year, here are a few targets I have in mind:

  • Have an established facility for sessions
  • Complete my University Degree
  • Expand on my coaching qualifications
  • Hire and mentor a new coach into the team


Make sure to get in contact for our FREE session plans to help keep you active through this time.


We look forward to continuing our hard work and continue supporting our current players whilst welcoming new players to the programme throughout 2021.