May Blog

19 May 2020

The last few months have been quite surreal, due to the Covid 19 lockdown. I have gone from being busy 7 days a week from coaching and teacher training to sitting at home twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do each day. There have been times where I have struggled to find motivation and be proactive with work. What has helped me break out of that cycle has been a couple of rules:

1, Getting the daily exercise outside has been crucial towards clearing my head and helping me focus.

2, Speaking to friends, whatever the subject having that communication between friends is so important.

3, Creating a schedule for the day, giving yourself allocated time to work on different projects, when to exercise, when to eat and when to relax.

4, Set targets and Goals, giving myself daily, weekly and monthly targets. I find setting targets helps me remain focused and allows me to acknowledge the work done. What you do can be easily forgotten, make sure not to get dishearten by what you haven’t done, turn it round into how you can get it achieved.

5, Clean Room/Home daily, how your room looks reflects you personally, a clean room reflects a clean mind. Make sure to keep your room or home clean, with this lockdown, you are spending a lot more time inside at home, being in a messy environment will influence how you feel.

I have used these 5 rules to help me focus and feel positive, as said earlier there have been times where I have felt negative, what’s important is not to kick yourself while your down but pick yourself back up and reset. We have been looking into new ways to keep engaged with our players and help to keep challenging them to develop. We have introduced ‘Indoor Touch Challenge’ and ‘Find the Footballer’. We are looking to add more challenges in the future so make sure to follow us on our socials.

Hope you enjoy the read and find the rules beneficial with you, remember don’t be hard on yourself, look for the positive.